PilotsCafe's IFR Quick-Review Study Guide

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Pilotscafe's IFR Quick-Review Study Guide

Ace your instrument-pilot checkride.

A comprehensive supplemental resource for pilots working towards their FAA instrument-airplane rating.

## Topics covered:

- When is an Instrument Rating required?

- Logging instrument time

- Recency of experience

- Minimum aeronautical experience required for an IF rating

- Documents required for flight

- Maintenance inspection requirement

- Decision-making models

- Passenger & takeoff briefings

- IFR flight plan requirements

- Alternate requirements

- Takeoff minimums

- DPs and STARs

- IFR clearance requirements

- IFR altitudes

- Flight instruments

- Minimum equipment required for flight

- Radio navigation instruments (VOR, NDB)

- Understanding GPS, GNSS, PBN, RNP & RNAV

- Components of ILS

- Approach Light Systems

- Attitude instrument flying techniques

- Lost communication procedures

- Holding patterns

- Procedure turns

- Descent planning

- Airspace

- Basic VFR weather minimums in US airspace

- Available weather products and services

- Weather hazards

- Aeromedical factors

- Reference material

- And much more!

# Pay what you want

The guide is sold under the "pay what you want" model. You can pay whatever you feel it's worth to you.

Whether you are a student preparing for your IFR checkride or an experienced pilot looking for a refresher – this guide is for you.

## Why consider paying more than $0?

- Your support is a recognition of the effort and time spent in creating the guide and will help me keep it up to date over time.

- 10% of sales profits go to charity at year's end (Direct Relief).

Direct Relief donates medicine and supplies to local healthcare providers in more than 140 countries, including the United States. It is one of the best-rated charities on CharityNavigator.org.

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PilotsCafe's IFR Quick-Review Study Guide

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